According To Visa, CFOs View Digital Payment Solutions Through The Lens Of Working Capital


Visa and Conferma Pay worked together to integrate the payment network’s virtual cards into the latter’s mobile app during the height of the epidemic.

Tap and pay and contactless payments were on everyone’s minds as a way to keep safe in the middle of a public health disaster as COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the globe.

Virtual cards were, and still are, a mechanism for giving purchasing power to employees dispersed throughout a decentralized, work-from-home workforce.

In an effort to help financial institutions (FIs) assist their corporate clients in improving everything from procurement to invoicing to spend management, Gloria Colgan, senior vice president and global head of product at Visa Commercial Solutions, and Jason Lalor, CEO of Conferma Pay, said that they are broadening and deepening their strategic collaboration. This will result in a “Swiss Army knife” strategy that ultimately improves cash flow.

To improve its B2B payment options connected to Visa Commercial Pay, Visa Thursday (August 10) expanded its collaboration with Conferma Pay. The relationship has been extended for a further four years in conjunction with the increased participation. Lalor said cynically, “We have been hanging around together for a long.