Amazon contests the EU’s ‘Large Online Platform’ Law


The business protested the European Commission’s (EC) decision to classify it as a “very large online platform” under the Digital Services Act (DSA) by filing a lawsuit before the General Court of Luxembourg on Tuesday.

“The DSA was designed to address systemic risks posed by very large companies with advertising as their primary revenue and that distribute speech and information,” Amazon stated in a statement.

“We support the EC’s goal and are dedicated to safeguarding consumers from illegitimate goods and content, but Amazon does not meet the criteria for a “Very Large Online Platform” (VLOP) under the DSA and should not be designated as such,” the statement reads. 

The statement further notes that Amazon is not the largest retailer in any of the European nations in which it operates, and that the largest merchants in those nations have not been given VLOP status.

The business said that if Amazon were given the VLOP classification rather than other major retailers in the EU, it would unjustly be singled out and subjected to onerous administrative requirements that would not benefit EU customers.