Amazon Triumphs In Dry Goods While Walmart Struggles


Amazon is outperforming Walmart in the middle aisles despite Walmart having a considerably higher share of the entire food sector.

According to data, Walmart and Amazon both have a market share of the whole food and beverage sector that is around seven times larger than Amazon’s. When it comes to shelf-stable items, however, Walmart is under pressure from rising costs and shrinking margins, while Amazon is boasting about huge gains.

“Cost inflation is continuing high single-digit to low double-digit in the dry food and consumables categories, including paper goods. McMillon claims that we all want those prices to go down.

Because of the continuously high rates of inflation in these categories that have remained for such a long period, some of the families we assist are struggling. This ongoing inflation in dry goods and consumables is one of the primary factors that is worrying us in the second half of the year because of its cumulative impact on discretionary spending and other categories.

Amazon has been praising these categories as a bright spot in its grocery business because of its wide selection compared to brick-and-mortar grocers, which gives those seeking variety a competitive advantage, and its well-known Subscribe & Save program, which helps the eCommerce giant win the loyalty of deal hunters.