Basware Incorporates Artificial Intelligence To Handle Exception Invoices Automatically


Basware is now using artificial intelligence (AI) to handle, fix, and automate exception invoicing.

According to a press statement released on April 27, Basware’s SmartPDF, which presently takes data from PDF invoices and turns 80% of them into genuine eInvoices, now adds self-validation artificial intelligence (AI) that can be trained to handle exception invoices automatically.

“SmartPDF with self-validation is the third evolution of this tool that allows finance teams to save money and reduce risk through easy extraction of relevant and high-quality invoice data from PDFs,” said Basware CEO Jason Kurtz in a statement.

According to the press announcement, Basware’s SmartPDF with self-validation addresses exception invoice difficulties such as invoices with missing fields or unrecognized information, minimizing the need for manual intervention and continuing the journey toward touchless invoice processing.

According to the announcement, the Basware AI technology enables this procedure to grow more knowledgeable over time and learns to process exception invoices automatically.

According to the announcement, Smart PDF self-validation works with the company’s eInvoice receiving and any enterprise resource planning (ERP) or accounts payable (AP) system.

“We are thrilled to announce the latest innovation in our capabilities that provide even more value in AP automation processes and take our customers yet another giant step towards touchless invoice processing,” Kurtz said in a statement.