Connexpay Grows By Introducing Payments In British Pounds And Euros


ConnexPay has made British pounds and euros available to expand the global reach of its all-in-one B2B payment platform.

According to a July 18 press release from the payments technology company, this deployment benefits European businesses since they may now accept and transfer payments in their respective currencies.

“After five years of building our solution to great success in North America, we’re excited to launch native currencies in Europe knowing that our solution is fit for purpose, global in scope, and simply connects payments,” said ConnexPay Founder and CEO Bob Kaufman.

According to the news release, the ConnexPay platform provides companies with rapid access to incoming consumer payments, eliminating the time-consuming waiting period that might take anywhere from days to weeks. This eliminates cashflow issues throughout the company’s supply chain.

According to the announcement, the platform also includes fraud protection and chargeback management, as well as a full-featured reporting and analytics suite.