Consumers Who Shop Online Also Use Healthcare Services Online In Greater Numbers


There were standouts in the Q1 research How the World Does Digital: Daily Digital Engagement Hits New Heights, as is typically the case, with digital change across boundaries, from age groups to nations. France and the United States led the way in digital engagement improvements, climbing 10% and 9.2%, respectively, placing the United States on the tails of Index leader Singapore.

Credit and debit cards remained the preferred payment method throughout the 11 international economies composing the CE Index, but the rise in digital wallet usage reveals how consumers are leaning increasingly towards digital tools in their daily purchasing routines.

Inflation, economic uncertainty, and a general sense of insecurity are not stifling the world’s digital revolution, which accelerated significantly in the first quarter of 2023.

A landmark study that has been tracking digital growth for the past few years across various activities grouped into “pillars” such as “Live” for home-related engagement, “Move” for travel, and “Be Well” for health — 37 activities across 10 pillars are tracked in total — recorded digital growth defying the dim economics of 2022 and early 2023, with more people engaging digitally and daily.