Due to the demand for exclusive access from Generation Z, Snapchat+ has 4 million subscribers.


Customers concerned about inflation may strive to reduce unnecessary subscriptions, but as Snapchat’s remarkable membership growth demonstrates, many individuals — particularly younger generations — are willing to pay a premium for that VIP experience.

Snapchat said that one year after introducing its Snapchat+ subscription, which allows users to access new features before they are released and try out experimental capabilities, the service now has over 4 million customers.

This amount is only a fraction of Snapchat’s global daily active user base (383 million as of April), but with each of those users paying a few dollars each month, it adds up to hundreds of millions of dollars more in income each year.

Notably, Snapchat is ambiguous regarding the program’s pricing, noting that it “may vary in different countries and devices” and directing users to settings to see how much it would cost at any given time. The membership cost $3.99 per month when the program originally launched last year.

The number of subscribers is rapidly growing. Just three months prior, at the end of the first quarter of 2023, Snap touted a membership base of “over 3 million,” meaning that it acquired about 1 million customers in the previous quarter alone.