Froda Unveils An Embedded Lending Solution For Small Businesses In Denmark


In Denma, Froda introduces an embedded lending solution for small businesses.German FinTech In Denmark, Froda has introduced a card-based integrated lending system.

This service, which was created in collaboration with digital challenger bank Lunar and Visa, was successfully tested in Denmark throughout the spring and became live for all Danish Lunar clients on Tuesday (June 20), according to a press statement from Froda on Tuesday.

According to the press release, this new lending solution makes it easier and less expensive for Danish small enterprises to get finance by using card rails for payouts and repayments.

According to the press release, Olle Lundin, co-founder and CEO of Froda, “It began with an idea and a sketch on paper more than a year ago, and it has now become a reality thanks to our partnership with Visa and Lunar.”

“Denmark is a natural next step on our journey,” the author said. “We have experienced a significant demand for the solution among Danish entrepreneurs during the test period.”

Small- to medium-sized companies (SMBs) now have access to more financing choices, and the new integrated solution completely digitizes the loan application process, allowing it to be finished in a matter of minutes.

“Lunar will be the first in Denmark to introduce a completely new type of financing for small businesses.”