Greenlight Launches Financial Literacy Employee Benefit Tool


According to a news statement from the corporation, “organisations committed to enhancing the financial well-being of employees and their families” can now utilise the Greenlight for Work initiative nationally.

As an employee benefit, the programme provides access to Greenlight family financial and education solutions, which assist parents in educating their children life skills like as investing, earning, saving, and spending wisely.

“Introducing Greenlight for Work lets us to empower millions of more parents with the resources they need to raise financially smart children,” says Greenlight Senior Vice President of Business Development Matt Wolf.

Greenlight co-founder and CEO Timothy Sheehan noted that his company’s research indicated that 90% of parents wished they had saved more money for their children’s future and college expenditures.

Sheehan and his colleagues regarded it as a “terrible situation,” but they also recognised that the majority of parents did not have the extra means to invest, so they began exploring methods to make investing more accessible to these families.

Financial literacy is an issue that affects people of all ages. Although many people claim to struggle understanding concepts like inflation or compound interest, it is allegedly dropping in America – not that it was especially high to begin with.