Mars Uses Store-Hailing for Direct-to-Consumer Ice Cream Sales


The confectionary giant and Conjure, formerly known as Robomart, a company that creates mobile stores that can be called by mobile devices in the manner of Uber or Lyft rides, announced their alliance on Tuesday to provide mobile ice cream stores.

We are pleased to introduce Mars Ice Cream to the “store-hailing” trend first. Mars Ice Cream’s general manager, Shaf Lalani, said. We are excited to work with Conjure and its collection of mobile ice cream shops to provide consumers’ favourite Mars products and to advertise the unattended retail industry.

The action is a part of the confectionery manufacturer’s ongoing attempts to increase the variety of direct-to-consumer (D2C) products it offers through its M&M’s brand, petcare business, and other endeavours.

Jason Thomstatter, the head of digital commerce at Mars, emphasised that D2C enables the company to create an interesting customer trip and gather helpful user data to further improve the experience.

Thomstatter asserts that we are actually capable of delivering outstanding experiences across all of those media. You can absolutely utilise that data in this type of environment, from a data aspect, to serve our consumers in the most effective and efficient way possible.