Mesh Payments Launches A Travel Management System With Integrated Corporate Cards


Mesh Payments has launched a travel management solution for multinational corporations that covers travel, payment, and expense management.

The new Mesh Travel Management system, according to a news release released on Monday (Aug. 14), includes artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled spend management, global visibility and reporting capabilities, global compliance, and multi-currency corporate cards.

“The evolution to travel management is an organic one for Mesh,” Mesh Payments CEO Oded Zehavi said in a statement. “We paid close attention to our multinational clients as they navigated the complexities of business travel,” says the company. “As a result, we are excited to introduce Mesh Travel Management as the ideal solution for global organizations seeking modern travel and expense management.”

Mesh Travel Management tries to ease the shift to digital travel and remote work, which has forced the creation of new travel solutions. The technology, according to the press release, is intended for firms that need to manage expenses and ensure compliance with travel rules.

According to the release, the solution streamlines global enterprises’ travel and spending management. It also provides global visibility and reporting, as well as customized interaction with different travel companies and built-in compliance.

Mesh Travel Management is now free for new and existing clients until the end of 2023, with pricing details to be released later in the year. According to Global-e Chief Operating Officer Shahar Tamari, a cross-border eCommerce provider, employs Mesh’s solution to expedite cross-border selling.