PartsBase Implements OroMarketplace for B2B Sales in the Aviation Sector


A powered by Oro eCommerce marketplace for the aviation sector has been developed by PartsBase.

According to a news statement issued by the firms on Thursday, the new PartsStore platform is based on OroMarketplace, Oro’s end-to-end digital marketplace solution.

“Due to Oro’s powerful and extremely adaptable capabilities, our platform will adapt when new trends and market requirements develop, ensuring we’re able to fulfil the growing demands of our users for many, many years to come,” PartsBase Chief Transformation Officer Rodrigo Garcia stated in the statement.

According to a news statement, the new PartsStore has joined PartsBase’s B2B online parts finder service for the aviation, aerospace, and military sectors.

Oro’s application programming interfaces (APIs) enable PartsStore vendors to deploy their product catalogs from content management systems (CMS) and other eCommerce platforms so they can reduce the risk of listing incorrect information — a common problem when dealing with complex aircraft components, per the release.

“We built OroMarketplace as a distinct solution to cater to unique, complex and underserved B2B needs,” Oro CEO Yoav Kutner said in the release.

This new marketplace’s launch comes about six weeks after Oro announced it raised $13 million to help businesses enhance their B2B eCommerce offerings.