Salsa Raises $10 Million To Support The Platform’s Integration Of The Payroll Feature


Salsa has received $10 million in order to assist software platforms who wish to include payroll features in their own products.

By incorporating Salsa’s application programming interfaces (APIs) into their platforms, developers may enable businesses to handle payroll within the same software platform they use to manage their business and employees every day, according to a news release from Salsa on May 10.

Payroll solutions have always been extremely difficult to design and manage, which is why this hasn’t occurred before, said Salsa CEO and Co-Founder John Kramer. Using Salsa, any developer can create a superior payroll experience, and then deliver it a month later.

According to the press release, Salsa’s APIs can be integrated into a range of platforms used by American and Canadian businesses, such as point of sale, scheduling, booking, neobank, and freight management, giving developers another way to make money and giving their clients an all-in-one solution.

According to the press statement, Greycroft, Better Tomorrow Ventures, and Definition led the fundraising round for Salsa.

In the release, Greycroft partner Will Szczerbiak stated that “Salsa has identified and addressed a major gap in the FinTech industry by creating a smart and efficient method to integrate payroll into the platforms businesses are already using.”