Should You Buy, Build, Or Partner? The Conundrum Of B2b Payment Modernization


Customer expectations drive business innovation, and today’s customers have higher demands than ever. 

Even commercial business-to-business (B2B) players are beginning to anticipate the same technology-driven experience in B2B transactions that they do as consumers.

Embedded finance, generative AI, and other payment advancements are transforming the ecosystem for commercial actors by speeding procedures, improving decision-making, and providing unparalleled insights into financial transactions.

While successful B2B payment services are often comprehensive, simple to use, and quick, all of the imaginative new bells and whistles that end-users have grown to demand have left enterprises aiming to thrive in 2024 in a hard, albeit age-old, situation when it comes to establishing a strategy. 

This is because, in the face of fast technological development, the issue of Buy, Build, or Partner in the field of payment modernization has taken on new dimensions. 

The conventional option of developing an in-house solution, purchasing a ready-made product, or forging strategic alliances is changing.