The Google-Mercedes-Benz Partnership Shows How AI Can Fuel the Development of Connected Cars


The journey of the connected automobile from concept to fully-fleshed reality may be aided by artificial intelligence (AI).

Mercedes-Benz announced this week a long-term strategic relationship with Google with roots in navigation and entertainment.

As part of the “initial step,” Mercedes-Benz will provide clients with access to Google’s Location Details function, which provides information about more than 200 million companies worldwide, including business hours, images, ratings, and reviews.

The firms stated that the YouTube app would be integrated into the Mercedes-Benz infotainment system and that they would use Google Maps data to set up automated speed changes before cars encountered crossroads, roundabouts, or bends.

“We’ll use our AI and data skills to speed [Mercedes’] sustainability initiatives, promote autonomous driving, and offer a better consumer experience,” said Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, in a statement.

That most recent goal, better customer experience, is one that emerges when entertainment, real-time navigation, and, yes, commerce are all intertwined.

In addition, Ingo Money CEO Drew Edwards stated in an interview that AI has the ability to revolutionize the fundamental nature of mobility — linking automobiles and payments.

“It’s really transformational, and payments are in the heart of it,” Edwards said of combining voice and contextual commerce.

“Here is where the connected automobile comes in because you can’t use your hands and you’re engaging with this artificial intelligence. That all happens without you ever touching a keyboard or entering your credentials, all the way through to paying for that event.