The Zebedee Games Platform Now Accepts Bitcoin Transactions


According to payment processor Zebedee, all developers and online platforms now have access to its API.

“It’s a huge next step in moving money globally, through apps, games, services, and the real world,” the business declared on May 15. 

According to a news release from Zebedee, the modification makes it simple to incorporate Bitcoin Lightning payments into social networking, video game, fintech, and adtech platforms.

In order to obtain the tools required to integrate Zebedee payments into their project, developers reportedly had to join up and go through a manual approval process in the past. With a new method that enables consumers to establish an account for free and start utilizing the business’s payments technology straight immediately, they can now skip this step.

It also doesn’t have to be as complicated as a video game or a metaverse. “We’re in a virtual world, and we can talk, chat, and stream 8K video quality, but we’re unable to transact value in this conversation,” Neves added.

According to Neves, one of the key reasons for this on a global scale is that each jurisdiction has its own currency and rules.

“So standardizing money for the world and the virtual world is really important — you need that medium of exchange with the ability to move value without having to delve into foreign exchange.”

Bitcoin, as a digitally native currency, “provides that capability regardless of any geographical or real-world constraint,” according to Neves.