TruLite Health Raises $7 Million in Funding for Health Equity Solutions


According to a news release released on Tuesday (Aug. 29), the cash will be used to accelerate the organization’s commercial growth, boost client service capabilities, and expand product offerings.

TruLite Health joined the commercial market with the introduction of the Truity platform, a solution that removes clinical bias and enables multi-level therapies at the point of care inside an integrated workflow system, according to the news release. To meet the increased demand, the platform has attracted considerable early interest, necessitating an expansion in sales, support, and services employees.

Addressing systemic clinical bias, according to Alan Roga, MD, CEO and co-founder of TruLite Health, is crucial for providing equitable treatment and improving results, quality, and cost. Roga was ecstatic about the solution’s positive industry response and the opportunity to collaborate with major healthcare institutions to address systemic clinical bias as a supplement to current Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) programs.

The Truity platform, according to the company, is powered by the world’s largest curated health equity knowledge repository. The system, which is incorporated into the EMR process, integrates a patient’s health record and associated social data sets with the Truity knowledge base, providing physicians and care teams with personalized information and recommendations for different patients.