Uber For Business Has Integrated With Two Expense Management Providers


Uber for Business now works with expenditure management companies Brex and Ramp. 

These connections will automate receipt matching for Uber trips and meals, allowing businesses to reduce spending and save time, according to a news release issued by Uber for Business on Tuesday (Dec. 19). 

Susan Anderson, worldwide head of Uber for Business and business development, stated in the announcement, “Our work with Brex and Ramp enables us to streamline expenses for companies of all sizes, creating a better experience for both the employees on the move and the folks balancing the books.” 

According to the announcement, these integrations give auto-generated receipts for Uber trips and meals booked for delivery with Uber Eats; allow organizations to establish restrictions for activities that workers can and cannot expense; and provide real-time insight into transportation and food expenses. 

According to the announcement, they also streamline month-end closure by enabling automatic receipt matching and simplify onboarding by offering services such as roster sync and automated invitations. 

“Our integrations with expense providers are instrumental in providing the visibility and control travel managers and finance teams need to keep employees in-policy and under budget,” Anderson stated in a press statement.