Under The Visa Programme, Pinwheel Is Now Providing Income And Employment Data


To give businesses access to consumer-permitted income and employment data, Pinwheel teamed with Visa.

According to a news statement issued by the firms on Wednesday (March 29), Pinwheel may more quickly, securely, and compliantly distribute this data to merchants, financial institutions, and FinTech companies by signing up for the Visa Fintech Connect Program.

Pinwheel Chief Revenue Officer Lauren Crossett stated, “We’re pleased to be able to interact more directly with the FinTechs and financial institutions in Visa’s ecosystem to enable them to take benefit of our leading income and employment data linkage.”

Our goal is to establish a more equitable financial system, and working with Visa will help us reach more people who can help us develop goods and services that are more beneficial to consumers.

Via an application programming interface, Pinwheel offers its real-time data to users (API). According to the press release, it aids them in making sense of the data by utilizing analytics and intelligence.

According to the press announcement, financial institutions and FinTechs utilize the data to allow direct deposit switching, earned salary access, and other cutting-edge goods.