Vital Raises $24.7 Million for Healthcare Solutions Powered by AI


Vital has secured $24.7 million in Series B investment for its healthcare AI products.

In a press release on Friday (March 24), Vital stated that the company helps hospitals better communicate with patients by offering solutions that are accessible via the patient’s mobile phone and allow them to view their progress towards discharge, request service, share their health status with family members, and perform other tasks.

According to Vital CEO Aaron Patzer, “Our attractive and intelligent software keeps patients interested and informed while automating chores for employees who manage emergency departments and inpatient stays.” We will increase the effectiveness of our technology on patients, families, and professionals thanks to this financing.

According to research, the rapid digitization of healthcare services offers patients new ways to obtain, use, and pay for medical care.

For instance, patient portals are now standard practice because, according to “Accessing Healthcare: Reducing Digital Friction in the Patient Experience,” 61% of patients who indicated they are interested in utilizing portals also indicated they would move to a healthcare provider that had one.

That is just one illustration of how increasingly digitally savvy patients have been empowered by their ability to communicate with healthcare providers and now anticipate a seamless experience throughout their patient journey, according to the report.