Walmart “Turned A Blind Eye” To Telemarketing Rule Violations


Federal officials have presented new material in a court lawsuit involving Walmart’s money-transfer practices.

The retail behemoth is the subject of a revised Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lawsuit, which was made public on Friday (June 30). The complaint alleges that the corporation violated federal telemarketing sales standards.

According to a news release, “according to the amended complaint, Walmart for years turned a blind eye while scammers took advantage of its failure to properly secure the money transfer services offered at Walmart stores.”

The commission contends that Walmart employed practices that allowed con artists to withdraw money from its ATMs without adequately informing or training its staff or consumers.

Walmart for comment, but no response was given. The business requested a judge’s dismissal of the FTC’s action last year, describing it as “an egregious instance of agency overreach.”

The business claims that despite its “extensive efforts to prevent those very fraudsters from defrauding our customers,” the FTC is still attempting to make it liable “for the criminal actions of completely unrelated third-party fraudsters.”