Yahoo Mail now has a shopping feature and new AI tools


The Shopping Saver feature stands out among Yahoo Mail’s AI breakthroughs. According to the release, it detects forgotten gift cards, discount codes, and store credits in users’ inboxes and sends recommended messages to vendors to aid them in applying such discounts once a purchase is completed.

With over half of all Americans possessing at least one unused gift card or store credit, Yahoo Mail consumers may now effortlessly take advantage of these untapped savings.

According to Josh Jacobson, senior vice president and general manager of Yahoo Mail, the deployment of these technologies is a significant step toward developing an aided inbox.

According to the press release, U.S. customers have $23 billion in unused gift cards and credits, and Yahoo Mail’s new shopping function intends to assist users regain some of that money.

According to the announcement, the Shopping Saver function, along with other AI upgrades, is presently available as part of Yahoo Mail’s AI beta experience, which was first offered to iOS users and has now spread to web browsers. 

This growth is made possible by the usage of Google Cloud’s AI technology, which allows Yahoo Mail to provide users with a more intuitive search experience, greater writing help, and message summaries.

As stated by Adaire Fox-Martin, president of Google Cloud Go-to-Market, AI is altering consumer experiences, resulting in enhanced shopping experiences, quicker email searches, and seamless communication for Yahoo users.