Buyers Want Transparency and Visibility: A New Merkle Report Forecasts Seismic Changes in B2B by 2030


In a recent research titled B2B Futures: The View From 2030, Merkle—the industry leader in data-driven, technology-enabled customer experience management (CXM)—released. According to Merkle, the B2B sector will undergo four seismic transformations by 2030: the introduction of machine-to-machine commerce; the establishment of global supply chain traceability; the domination of digital marketplace business models; and considerably faster speed to market.

In the context of machine-to-machine commerce, Merkle predicts that almost one-third of all business-to-business transactions—or $8 trillion in total value—will be totally automated. The increasing proliferation of “Internet of things” (IoT) devices and the rapid improvements in artificial intelligence (AI) have made low-complexity replenishment transactions more machine-to-machine manageable.

“It can be hard to predict what the world will look like at the end of the decade because we’ve experienced so much change in the past few years,” said Holden Bale, global head of Experience & Commerce at Merkle. “But our analysis points to a pace and scale of change that surprised even us.”