Payment using Blockchain NFC-Capable System Unveiled by Company ivendPay


The bitcoin payment technology firm ivendPay has unveiled a cryptocurrency payment system enabled by near-field communication (NFC).

In a press release sent on Monday, Nov. 27, the company stated that by combining NFC technology with cryptocurrency payments, ivendPay has simplified the payment process to the same level as using a standard card.

The announcement states that customers may now make direct payments from their bitcoin wallets by touching their phones that are outfitted with NFC technology.

According to the announcement, ivendPay’s technology interfaces into a range of payment ecosystems, including point of sale (POS) terminals, merchant mobile applications, and vending networks, for the convenience and security of bitcoin transactions in a retail context.

The release states that those involved in the cryptocurrency field have shown interest in the technology. The company has collaborated with Binance, and Binance Pay’s international payment gateway is ivendPay.

IvendPay plans to enter the European, Middle Eastern, and North African markets in addition to serving more than 400 active merchants in seven countries, according to a news release.