Travelers in Africa Benefit from Better Digital Payments Through Virtual Card Solutions


Digital payments have supplanted the traditional method of utilizing cash or traveler’s checks, changing travelers’ financial habits. With the aid of card swipes, phone taps, and online wallets for purchases while on the road, vacation planning and booking are now easier than ever.

However, as the travel payments industry has grown, challenges have also surfaced. For instance, travelers sometimes find it difficult to handle currency translation, especially Africans who must exchange local currencies in order to pay for travel-related expenses like airfare and lodging.

Claiming that hidden fees are the ultimate result of this process—which often involves complicated and fluctuating currency exchange rates from several suppliers—Vice President of Engineering at Klasha Giulio Leso says that most of the time passengers are not aware of these expenses until their cards are really utilized.

According to Leso, Klasha, a global cross-border payment service, is trying to solve this problem by eliminating the hassles of currency conversion and unstated costs so that guests may focus just on having fun.