Microsoft Is About To Launch Its Mobile Gaming Store


Microsoft is in talks with partners to launch a mobile game store to compete with services provided by Apple and Google.

According to a story published by Bloomberg on Thursday, Nov. 30, Microsoft’s Xbox video game division chief Phil Spencer revealed the company’s plans during an interview at the CCXP comics and entertainment festival in Sao Paulo.

According to the story, Spencer said that the store is probably not “multiple years away,” even if a specific launch date was not given. “This seems like it’s sooner than that.”

As to the report, Microsoft had a 7% increase in its customer base after expanding its PC gaming subscription service, Gaming Pass, to 11 countries in Latin America earlier this year. Notable in particular because Brazil is the second-biggest PC Game Pass market globally.

The report claims that Microsoft is attempting to bridge the gap in the Brazilian market and is aware of the importance of mobile gaming there.