Growing Enterprise AI Adoption Shows Integration Friction Is Not Fiction


On the other hand, many people believe that tools for generative AI that are driven by large language models will one day know everything.

This capability is often the key to business success and competitive advantage in the twenty-first century since best-in-class data must be triggered in real-time.

As a result, businesses of all shapes and sizes as well as in all sectors are keen to adopt the ground-breaking capabilities of new tools like ChatGPT.

There is only one problem: artificial intelligence (AI) is still not a plug-and-play solution, at least not yet, despite how easy it is to use. notably for more established corporations with serious output integrity and data security problems.

And despite AI’s incredibly quick development and commercialization, businesses often adopt the new technology gradually but progressively.

In other words, the adoption and modernization of AI developments are progressing similarly to how any other enterprise-level software adoption or stakeholder buy-in process would.